Is Your Lawn Starting to Look a Bit Baldy?

Lawn Care Service Tips on Reseeding

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If you start to notice brown spots on your lawn, then the time has come to reseed it. Reseeding, however, will call for some preparation and planning, and will greatly improve your home’s look and resale value. To reseed a lawn, you will need to do it at the right time, prepare your lawn properly, choose the best seed for your climate, and use the correct method when reseeding.

Timing is everything

We, at SB Landscaping Services, find that one can reseed a lawn at any time of the year, if necessary. Typically, reseeding must be performed a few weeks before winter comes and after the scorching heat of the summer months.

Preparing the lawn

Before reseeding your lawn, you need to remove the debris and dead grass first. Pull up all the weeds too. This can be done manually or by using a weed killer. If you use weed killer, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. This will specify how long it takes to be effective. Then, break up the soil using a hard rake. For very compacted soil, you could have to hire an aeration machine. This will permit water and nutrients to penetrate the soil and to nourish your lawns roots.


Ask any lawn care service provider and they will tell you that you must use a grass seed which is the same if not similar to your own grass. Using seeds that match your pre-existing grass will stop any unsightly spots where one patch is greener than the other. Scattering the grass seeds manually is sufficient, however, if you are reseeding your whole lawn, it is advisable to use a mechanical spreader. This will make sure your lawn is covered evenly. The grass seed packaging will include instructions on the amount of seed you need to use for the size of your lawn.

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